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WELCOME USER! Thanks for visiting bookslot.in (BookSlot). BookSlot provides BookSlot Services (defined below) to you subject to the following Terms of Use ("TOU"), which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. By accessing and using the BookSlot Services, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of the TOS. In addition, when using particular BookSlot owned or operated services, you and BookSlot shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the TOU. BookSlot may also offer other services that are governed by different Terms of Service. In such cases the other terms of service will be posted on the relevant service to which they apply.

My Neighborhood is an online platform, namely bookslot.in helps to search local services nearby your current location. It displaying, advertising and distributing relevant “information / contents” (Please see definitions and TOU) around the world, in respect of shops, malls, theaters, business entities, professionals etc. Such information includes an individual businessman, partnership firms/private limited, companies, lawyers, chartered accountants etc. and many other services registered on bookslot.in) situated around the nearby current location of the user to avail services of abovementioned service providers, businessmen and professionals. My Neighborhood in essence receive, store, transmit electronic records, and provides information based on that record. It is hearby clarified by BookSlot that, BookSlot IS AN “INTERMEDIARY” within the meaning of Section 2(w) of Information Technology Act, 2000 as amended in the year 2008.

Following are the terms and conditions governing your access /visit to bookslot.in. Your use of bookslot.in shall be strictly governed by these TOU. Once you access / visit the website through any device such as mobile handset, laptop, Personal Computer etc., you acknowledge, accept and agree unconditionally to TOU and the same shall be binding upon you from the moment you access/visit the website. By accepting these TOU, you are also accepting and agreeing, unconditionally, to our privacy policies. BookSlot hereby request you to read them all carefully.

• User: “User” includes all its grammatical variations in relevance to use of services offered on bookslot.in . In addition, it includes an individual, business entity, firm, corporate body and all such beings and establishments accessing bookslot.in for similar and/or dissimilar purposes. It also includes an individual, business entity, firm, corporate body and all such beings and establishments who have accepted these terms of BookSlot by placing their signatures and/or thumb impression and/or seal on the physical copy of this document.

• Access- "Access" with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions means searching, gaining, entry into, instructing or communicating with the logical, arithmetical, or memory function resources of a computer, computer system or computer network.

• Registration- Registration shall mean and include uploading on the website your mail ID, image, name and contact number, address, description of goods and service of a business entity, professionals etc.

• Content/ Information- Content/ information shall mean every content/ information that you provide to us or to other users during registration or signing up for an account. This may be in the form of literary work, artistic work, dramatic work, musical work, Sound recording, and cinematograph film. This shall include name, address, contact number, description of goods and services dealt in by and image of a business entity, professionals etc.

• Indecent representation of women- Indecent representation of women shall mean indecent representation of women within the meaning of Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986.

• Intermediary- "Intermediary" shall mean “intermediary” within the meaning of Section 2(w) of IT Act, 2000. Section 2(w) of IT Act, 2000 runs as follows “Intermediary” with respect to any particular electronic records, means any person who on behalf of another person receives, stores or transmits that record or provides any service with respect to that record and includes telecom service providers, network service providers, internet service providers, web hosting service providers, search engines, online payment sites, online-auction sites, online market places and cyber cafes. BookSlot- BookSlot shall mean (name of the company) and each of its employee, officers, agent and every other representative in whatsoever capacity.

It is reiterated that BookSlot is an “intermediary” who receives, stores, transmits electronic records and provides services in respect of that record. My Neighborhood provides user an online platform, namely bookslot.in displaying, advertising and distributing relevant information / contents around the world, in respect of shops, malls, theaters, business entities, professionals etc. Such information includes an individual businessman, partnership firms/private limited, companies, lawyers, chartered accountants etc. and many other services registered on bookslot.in) situated around the nearby current location of the user to avail services of above mentioned service providers, businessmen and professionals. It is important to note that, BookSlot do not endorse, market, or promote services of any of the registered services providers, business entities, corporate bodies etc. on bookslot.in. BookSlot do not endorse, market, promote any posting of the information/contents of registered services providers, business entities, corporate bodies etc. on bookslot.in. Hereby, all the users of the website are requested and strongly advised to exercise due diligence, caution and care, judgment and common sense while relying upon the registration details and further acting upon it or exchanging the information / contents. User is suppose to make independent verification in respect of the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and reliability of any content/information or material find on the bookslot.in. BookSlot hereby clarifies that, Payment for services once received by BookSlot will not be refundable at any event.

1. User is liable to provide legitimate, accurate and genuine information at the time of registration on bookslot.in. User can directly register their business/ profession on bookslot.in. BookSlot absolutely do not take part in registration done by the user. In general, BookSlot also does not take part in editing the registration of the business entities / professionals etc. BookSlot officers, employees, agents, sales persons and all other representatives shall not be responsible for legitimacy, genuineness and accuracy in respect of registration of user, as it is an individual liability and responsibility of each every user to provide legitimate, genuine and accurate information while registering on bookslot.in.

2. Similarly, it is the responsibility and liability of every user to provide legitimate, genuine and accurate information while registering through physical documentation, to confirm the same employee of MyNeighbourhood will take signature and/or seal of such user.

3. BookSlot do not take any responsibility for loss of money, reputation, goodwill, or any direct or indirect or consequential damage, mental agony arising out of any kind of use of services availed by the service providers displayed on bookslot.in.or as a result of you acting after relying upon the registration of the business/ profession.

4. BookSlot do not take any liability in respect of the transaction that may take place between user and service provider whose name is displayed on bookslot.in. as a result of use of our website.

5. User personally will be liable for the contents/information posted by any user/visitor that is threatening, defamatory, obscene, tortuous, and in any way immoral/illegal. However, BookSlot will try our best to remove such content/information as soon as possible.

6. BookSlot do not take any responsibility to increase your business/ profit/ customers and clientele when you register your business, profession etc. with us.

7. User is liable in regards to any other liability and responsibility as mentioned under different headings of this draft.


a. Shall not be fraudulent, Misleading or pertaining to the business/ profession etc. which is illegal.

b. Shall not pertain to the business house/ professional office etc. of which you are not the lawful owner or for which you do not have any lawful authority to register.

c. Shall not amount to infringement/ violation of copyright, trademark, design or any other intellectual property right.

d. Shall not consist of material that is an expression of bigotry/prejudice, racism or hatred based on age, gender, race, religion, caste, class, lifestyle preference, and nationality and / or is in the nature of being derogatory, slanderous to any third party.

e. Shall not be obscene, profane, sexually abusive, threatening, vulgar and abusive, contain pornography or contain indecent representation of women.

f. Shall not amount to breach of privacy of others. For example, sharing information including contact numbers, email-id etc. about others on the bookslot.in.

g. Shall not distribute or contain spam, viruses or any other technologies that may harm bookslot.in or the interests or property of BookSlot or its users or impose an unreasonable load on the infrastructure1 or interfere with the proper working of bookslot.in;

h. Shall not contain multiple / chain letters, or pyramid schemes in any of its forms.

i. Shall not, directly or indirectly, offer, attempt to offer, trade or attempt to trade in any goods, the dealing of which is prohibited or restricted in any manner under the provisions of any applicable law, rule, regulation or guideline for the time being in force.


• ACCOUNT LOGIN AND PASSWORD a. You shall be responsible to maintain confidentiality of your user ID, Password and your email address. b. You shall be responsible for all the activities done under/ though your user ID and Password. c. You shall not attempt to login into the accounts of others in an unauthorized manner.

• YOUR REGISTRATION ON WWW.MYNEIGHBOURHOOD.CO OR PROVIDING INFORMATION/ CONTENT TO US ON BEHALF OF A LEGAL ENTITY a. When you are doing registration on bookslot.in, providing content/ information to us on behalf of a legal entity (Partnership firm, private limited company etc.), you shall be responsible to take prior permission from that particular entity for that purpose(s) and accountable for the same to the other users of bookslot.in.

• INFORMING BookSlot ABOUT OFFENSIVE, IMMORAL ETC. CONTENT POSTED ON THE WEBSITE a. You shall inform BookSlot at bookslot.in in the event you come across any registration or posting that is offensive, illegal, immoral, scandalous, obscene, derogatory to reputation of one, or infringes intellectual property of others in order to keep bookslot.in functioning smoothly.

• CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND/OR LOCATION OF USER In case of change of address and/or location it is the personal responsibility of user to provide user’s changed address and/or location details either on bookslot.in or to the authorized representative of BookSlot.

• MISUSE OF THE EMAIL ID, CONTACT NO.- a. You hereby agree that you will not misuse the contact number or email id as appearing on bookslot.in of any business entity/ professionals etc. You shall use it just for the legitimate purposes, more particularly, in respect of reaching them for their goods or services or informing others about the same. You may face civil/criminal action, if at all, you misuse of the same.

You must follow the instructions provided to you for visiting and accessing bookslot.in. It is not advisable to try to access BookSlot services using a method other than the instructions that are provided. You may use our Services only as permitted by law, including applicable web security laws and regulations. BookSlot may suspend or stop providing our Services to you if you do not comply with our terms and conditions or if BookSlot find your conduct suspicious. Using our Services does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in our Services or the content you access. You may not use content from our Services unless you obtain permission from its owner or from us or otherwise permitted by law. These terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our Services. Do not remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices displayed in or along with our Services. You must not extract data that has been collected by us and as appears on bookslot.in through any mean. You shall not attempt in any way and through any mean to alter, modify, change, influence in any way the information/content posted by other users. It is agreed by you that, in connection with your use of the Services, BookSlot may send you service announcements, administrative messages, and other information.

In order to use some of our Services, you will need to open an account with My Neighborhood. You may create your own account by following instructions on bookslot.in, or an account may be assigned to you by our administrator. If you are using an account assigned to you by an administrator, terms and conditions may vary and your administrator may be able to access or disable your account. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password and for restricting access to your computer, and hereby you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. BookSlot reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content at their sole discretion.

BookSlot may modify/ add to the foregoing terms and conditions pursuant to the change in laws or otherwise also. It shall be your responsibility to pursue any change in the same. BookSlot shall try our best to post on our website changes so made in the terms and conditions as soon as possible. Modification/ addition in terms and conditions pursuant to changes in law shall become effective immediately. If you do not agree with the changes in terms and condition, you should not continue to avail services from us. These terms control the relationship between BookSlot and you. They do not create any third party beneficiary rights.

BookSlot reserve right to take down any of the registrations, posting of content/ information on bookslot.in, posting of an advertisement etc. if it violates TOU. In such an event, BookSlot may limit or completely terminate our services for you by not allowing you and any one on your behalf to have access to the website. Further, BookSlot may take an appropriate civil/criminal action. BookSlot also reserve right to close your account and terminate/ suspend your membership for several reasons including • Violation of our terms of use. • An order of the executive agency of the government • BookSlot decision to change, discontinue any or all the part of the website. • If you act illegally and fraudulently. • All rights to reserve to BookSlot.

In case a dispute arises and involves BookSlot as a party, the Courts in Pune shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

If it turns out that a one or more provisions of this agreement are not enforceable at law, the remainder of this agreement shall be valid and enforceable.