Is the FREE plan a limited period trial plan?

No, the FREE plan is completely FREE forever, but with limited capabilities. Just for a small price you can upgrade your plan and avail great benefits.

Is it essential to buy message credits?

No, the app will work even if you do not have any message credits. However, messages (SMS and Email) will not be sent when you have no credits. To provide best experience to your customers we highly recommend you buy the credits. You get bonus credits with each purchase if you have upgraded your plan.

What happens when my paid subscription expires?

You will automatically fall back to FREE plan. If you have multiple calendars, then you will be able to use only your first default calendar.

Can I cancel my paid subscription?

No, you cannot cancel once you subscribe for a paid plan.

How does the Referral Program work?

You can refer your friends to join BookSlot. You get bonus credits when your friend signs up using your referral link. You can find the Referral option under User in top menu once you sign up.

Why do I need to confirm my email address?

We want to be sure that this is a valid email address which can be reached. Your account could be deactivated if your email is not verified within one month of registration.

Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is safe and secure with us. All data goes over secure network. Your data is accessible only via your account once you login. Your password is encrypted and stored in our system.

Is my data used for any other purpose?

No, we do not use your data or allow anyone else to use it.